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20×20 Vision

The tail end of 2015 provides two things; A platform for reflecting on the year and time to prepare for the year ahead.

Indeed, 2016 is already set to be my busiest; with a fair few very exciting and diverse exhibitions and events already lined up. And the next 6 weeks offers me time to affirm these opportunities, as well as initiate more.

Not to dismiss 2015 straight away of course, for it has been a ruddy good year! My two primary avenues of enquiry – Speculate Studio Spaces and Perfume as Practice – have each been made public in the guise of exhibitions, workshops, talks and residencies. They both seem well received with emphasis of how they both demand a certain level of engagement to be fully understood. What has been revealed is actually how similar the projects are; both assume the guise of something relatively innocuous and loaded with preconceptions. But scratching away at the surface will reveal something more: A perfume shop becomes a room of portraits and how a studio space can be exposed as the deconstructing of creative processes.  This is something to consider when placing these projects within new spaces and contexts over the next 12 months.

Indeed, I won’t have to wait long before I can display these projects in a public realm, with Yorkshire Artspace’s Open Studio event happening this weekend. This will proved a perfect opportunity to chat about my project, externalise a few thoughts and see how audiences engage with my work. It’s also a great way for people to have a nose around artists studios, see what they get up to and even find a Christmas bargain, so do try and pop along if you can! It’s on at Exchange Place Studios from 11-4 this Saturday and Sunday (21st and 22nd)

And that’s not all! Access Space are holding their fun and diverse 20×20 exhibition until the 18th December. I have a piece of work in there, along with the work of over 40 other artists. It’s well worth checking out. You can find more information here. My work, named ‘Scent Wheel’, sets to design a fragrance wheel using string and a rather large helping of essential oils. You’ll probably smell it before you see it!

Lots to think about, both for this year and next!



FLUX – An exhibition about change in a changing place

FLUX is an exhibition that seeks to ask questions of change and what change means to the individual. FLUX is devised and curated by myself with the support of the artists involved, and showcases work by 17 artists both from Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield and SOUP Collective, Liverpool.

2015-06-21 14.30.07
The exhibition is hosted at Exchange Place Studios, in an area of Sheffield currently undergoing a major change process; the Castlegate Redevelopment essentially seeks to replace an old indoor market with a green open space with potential to expose some of Sheffield Castle.

Something that sets FLUX apart from other exhibitions I have coordinated is it’s ability to possess a relevance in relation to its location. The Castlegate redevelopment is a constant and prominent source of inspiration for artists not just working within the area, but all artists familiar with the affecting nature of city-scale change processes.

FLUX allows us to comprehend such redevelopment from a more personal and reflective space. Whether that be a visual imagining of the philosophy of change; the documentation of movement and flow and associated affecting properties; the nature of travel; the pull of nostalgia; the force of protest or the individual stories brought about by change.

As well as organising and curating the exhibition, I also contributed a piece of work. The work, a collaboration with Sharon Mossbeck entitled ‘The Living Dead River’ speculates upon how found objects can be elevated in order to fit into a philosophical frame, based on the work of Heraclitus:

The exhibition has been met with success, with hundreds of people visiting within the first week and during Castlegate Festival. The exhibition runs weekdays 11-4 until 10th July. Whats-more, each day will see one of the artists involved being present to chat about the exhibition and their work, which is a great way to find our more and meet those involved. So do try and pop along if you can!

With many thanks to Yorkshire Artspace, SOUP Collective and all the artists involved:

Gill Alderson
Lizzie Biscuits
May Chong
Rachel Durance
Ruth Edwards
Keiron Finnetty
Catherine Harrison
Jacqueline F. Kerr
Susan Leask
Colette Lilley
Joanne McCellan
Ruth Morrissey
Sharon Mossbeck
Alan Sykes
Sue Taylor
Wendy Williams

An invitation to my Open Studio & Pop-up Exhibition

As part of Yorkshire Artspace’s Open Studios I am running a two-day exhibition at Exchange Place Studios. The exhibition will act as a trial of some of my current ideas around the themes of identity and creative processes. It will run Friday 21st November from 5:30 – 9pm and Saturday 22nd November from 11am – 5pm. I will be on the 4th Floor of Exchange Place Studios.

Included in the exhibition will be a re-imagination of two artists’ studios, based on their perceived creative output. I speculate upon their processes, their materials and even their own personalities in order to devise an alternative yet informed identity. I will also be displaying three purposely-constructed mechanisms that attempt to disrupt my own creative processes and highlight and assess how value can be placed upon everyday objects.

 A sneak peek of one of my ‘speculative studio spaces’ – on display at Exchange Place Studios this coming Friday & Saturday


I would like to invite you all to the exhibition, which will use an empty studio space near my own studio, I will also be present during both days, so you’d get the opportunity to meet me, ask questions or just chat.

In fact, the whole weekend gives you a great opportunity to meet loads of the artists, makers and designers that work in Yorkshire Artspace. Full details can be found here:

Thank you. See you all on Friday or Saturday hopefully!