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Perfume Portrait #83 – Geraint Roberts

Head – Apple, cut grass20190307_180705

Heart -Camphor, cypress

Body – Sandalwood, Musk

Description – Invigorating yet grounded, this fragrance is contains everything you need to comprehend an apple tree: A symbol that can change its meaning based on your experiences. The body is complemented by musk, a synthetic oil that references a human desire to find connections in life.  

This fragrance will be exhibited at Lumen Crypt Gallery, London, from 4th – 7th April 2019.

Perfume Portrait #44 – Rachel Zan

Rachel Zan 50ml EDT20171103_202731

Head – Lemon, Mandarin

Heart – Ho Leaf

Body – Rosewood, Benzoin

Description – Symbolic of a fruit tree, this fragrance is wholly joyous and describes the rich pickings life offers.

This perfume was displayed at Surface Gallery, Nottingham, from 3rd – 18th November 2017.

Bone Cancer Stories #4 – 50ml EDT


Head – Rosemary, Basil

Heart – Pine, Fennel

Body – Cedarwood

Bridge – Benzoin, Black Pepper, Petitgrain

Description – Utilising the metaphor of a cherry blossom tree this fragrance is rooted by the strength found in families; allowing the individual to bloom.

Features – Adding gravity to the metaphor, this fragrance is nominally woody, yet the fresh and sweet tones offered by Pine and Basil also point towards an individual sense of strength and self-assurance.

On 7th May 2016 I created a scent trail of 10 fragrances in The Tetley, Leeds, each describing individual stories of  bone cancer patients. My approach afforded consideration towards methods of coping with bone cancer, though chiefly I wanted the positivity, courage, compassion and strength that emerged when faced with adversity to be prominent, alongside the individual traits that sustained, regardless of the disease. 

Over the coming weeks I will be posting all 10 perfume portraits that represent the stories of bone cancer patients, though names will be omitted as a mark of respect. 

for more information about bone cancer please see the Bone Cancer Research Trust’s website, found here.