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Perfume Portrait #114 – Heather Fiona Martin

Heather Fiona Martin 50ml EDT

Head – Green Apple, Mandarin

Heart – Moss, Fir needle

Body –  Sandalwood, Patchouli

Description – Inspired by symbiotic relationships, and narratives found in nature, this concoction of earths and woods is at once balanced and chaotic.


Martin’s Here be Dragons explores the depths of the deep seas and the life within remain unexplored; microscopic creatures at once beautiful and threatening. Here somehow similar but completely different pathogens causing disease both harmless and fatal.


Martin’s work and corresponding perfume portrait were exhibited at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, in October 2019.

Perfume Portrait #39 – Elaine

Elaine 50ml EDTp1050502

Head – Bergamot

Heart – Cypress

Body – Dill Weed, Myrrh

Description – A symbol of symbiosis. This fragrance celebrates synchronicity by placing the heavy textures of dill weed and myrrh against the crispness of cypress and bergamot. Perfectly encapsulating a sense of harmony.

This perfume was created by utilising the artist’s response to the question ‘why do make art?’ It is included in Perfume as Practice AW16 – an exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield comprising of 14 perfume portraits themed within the woody fragrance family. The exhibition ran from 30th November – 3rd December 2016 and included an open evening featuring an artist’s talk on 3rd December, 6-8pm at Bank Street Arts itself.