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Perfume Proficiency

I don’t tend to structure blog posts around specific perfume making workshops but my most recent workshop – delivered at Access Space just last Thursday – felt rather significant.


It’s been almost two years to the day since embarking on Perfume as Practice. initially, I felt something of a chancer; equipped with nothing other that a desire to learn more about the craft of perfumery and how to apply it to contemporary art practice. Two years of persistence, experiments, empirical and scholarly research, however, and I feel armed with knowledge enough to deliver meaningful learning experience.

It’s very satisfying to see the fruits of my labour translated in this way, with feedback from the workshop consisting of people explicitly saying they feel they’ve learned something; I’d provided an alternative way of thinking and I’d highlighted scent as a viable mode of communication.

Feedback from previous workshops had been a little more vague, still positive, but consisting largely of general terms such as ‘fun’ and ‘different’. While I really appreciate any positive feedback, it’s nevertheless pleasing to see the weightier, conceptual side of Perfume as Practice emerge from workshop delivery.





Reflecting on Crowdfunding

And so, after 50 days of patience, persistence and promotion, my crowdfunding campaign has ended – although it will still be live for the next week, due to Indiegogo’s option to allow successful campaigns to remain live, so feel free to have a look, if you like!

It has achieved five pounds over the £500 target, would you believe? I am pretty elated by this, and also relieved that all efforts promoting the campaign have been rewarded.

I am very grateful to everyone who supported my crowdfunding campaign, and feedback towards the overall project – ‘Perfume as Practice’ – has been extremely positive and exemplified the crowdfunding achieving its target. Thank you so much, everyone! I can now think about how exactly I will spend the money, and how that money will enable my goals to reach fruition.

The only negative comments I have received centre around the project being over-ambitious. But then what artist isn’t over-ambitious?! Indeed, the comments raised failed to address the fact that the 100 perfumes I plan to make will contain a fair bit of experimentation, research, exploration and alchemy – they are essentially portraits and will be designed for artistic purposes only. I think the assumption was that I wanted to create 100 bespoke and branded perfumes of saleable and consumable quality. Which isn’t the case and in fact I wish to offer some kind of alternative to that.

So, was my crowdfunding a success? Well, yes I think it was. Hindsight, however, would suggest that a six-week crowdfunding campaign was too long. Four weeks would have sufficed as I don’t think I reached any more people during the final two weeks, and by then fatigue had set in. Crowdfunding can be quite a consuming beast, and now that it is over, I feel a little liberated and able to think about other stuff. This is just as well, as I am showing work at Wadsley Arts Festival this weekend and organising an exhibition at Exchange Place Studios the following weekend to coincide with Castlegate Festival. So I have plenty to think about!

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