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’tis the Season

And so, the status of Christmas has officially shifted from being ‘a while away yet’ to ‘upon us’ with the usual blistering speed. As such, it’s time for people to participate in the hellish endeavour of present buying.

Among the hubbub, why not consider purchasing some of my festive offerings? For I am selling the scent of Christmas from Sheffield at a reasonable price!

For £3, (plus p&p) you can get your hands on a Christmas Tincture – an oil based scent full of the joys of Yuletide! Notes include cinnamon, clove, frankincense and orange, all contained within a charmingly decorated bottle:

Christmas Tinctures - £3 each

Christmas Tinctures – £3 each

For something with a little more bite, why not plump for my Christmas room fragrance? For £25 (plus p&p) you can experience 100ml worth of festive delights in a striking gold and white bottle. Notes once again include cinnamon, clove, frankincense and orange, but this time you can spray it around the home – creating magical Christmas scents with every spray! –

Christmas Room Fragrance - £25

Christmas Room Fragrance – £25


If you’re interested in either of these products, then send me a message and I’ll see what I can do! (although it’s UK only, I’m afraid) …Thank you! 🙂

Introducing my Online Pop-Up Shop!

One of the perils of renting a studio is the ease of which you can accumulate all sorts of junk, half finished projects, old bits of material and general random crap. Hidden within all this is your work, even your thought processes. There’s an argument that this sense of hoarding actually aids the creative process, but as a perfume maker, I am finding the tidier I am, the easier it is to make work as a clarity exists within my thoughts.

And, among the old nails, the mountains of paper, hoards of broken mugs and the hardened paint pots that might come in useful one day but obviously won’t, lies some actual work. Unloved, old, irrelevant, but still perfectly serviceable and even valuable. I’m talking about the work that was created with intent, with heart and with meaning, but that has stagnated within the throes of professional development. They are works that are condemned to the darkest reaches of your studio space despite the fact that, visually, these works are still as strong and as potentially appealing as ever. It’s work that you’re proud of, it’s just that it’s value has been lost to the relentlessness and speed of progression. Ring any bells?

But why should this work go to waste? It is advisable to leave them rotting in the corner, or should they be thrust into the limelight? After all, they are ready and available for other people to enjoy, play with and even contemplate.

So, with all this in mind, I present to you my pop-up online shop!

Just a few of the items for sale in my pop up shop

This 4-month shop, ran on Etsy, showcases a wide range of work that is hopefully suitable for everyone! Featured in the shop are some broken instruments, some abandoned junk food, a mouse that smells of peppermint and a brain trapped inside a bottle. So, you know, quite a lot for you all to get your teeth in to! And it’s always great to get rid of a bit of clutter give people the opportunity to own some original handmade art. So why not have a look? You may find something you like! 🙂

link to my Etsy pop-up shop: