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Scents of Our Time – Closing Evening

I’ve been an artist in residence at Access Space for two weeks now, responding to news topics of the day through the unusual art form of candle making. Find out more about my thoughts and processes this coming Wednesday at Access Space from 5.30pm! full details here:

SOOT closing poster.PNG

I hope you can join me!

Perfume as Practice at Orchard Square

October sees me occupy a craft unit in Orchard Square, Sheffield as part of a Perfume as Practice artist’s residency. I will be creating bespoke perfumes in the space itself, in an effort to celebrate the art of perfumery and explore the possibilities of scent.

flyer that explains everything

Perfume as Practice will see me craft many diverse and individual perfumes, each a portrait of another artist. I will create these perfume portraits through a one-on-one consultancy with any willing artist that comes through the door. The consultancy will involve a series of questions and tests to determine the personalities and creative desires of artists, the responses and results of which will be immediately analysed and interpreted in order to create meaningful fragrances that capture the essence of who each artist is.

Whether you’re an artist or not, Perfume as Practice will provide fantastic opportunity to find out more about artistic approaches to perfume making, discover the craft of creating fragrances and become acquainted with any perfumes I have made during the residency at any given time. Just like any other means of portraiture, each perfume will be unique, complex and highly personal, yet will allow an audience to interpret them in their own way. By utilising the craft of perfumery, Perfume as Practice also highlights alternative ways of thinking about portraiture, scent and art in general!

Opening Times and Events

Perfume as Practice runs from 30th September – 28th October 2017 on the first floor of Orchard Square (nestled between the first floors of Waterstones and Starbucks). It will be open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 12-4pm, and Sunday 12-2pm.

There will also be a closing event on Thursday 26th October, from 5-7pm. This event will see me provide an artist talk, explaining the ideas and processes behind Perfume as Practice. During this event all of the perfumes created through the residency will be on display. This will allow an audience to acquaint themselves, through scent, with the collective thoughts, desires and personalities of artists from Sheffield and beyond. Participating artist can also use this opportunity to take their perfume portraits home.

Perfume Making Workshops.

Perfume as Practice will run 2 Perfume Making Workshops. These workshops give participants a fantastic opportunity to find out more about my approach to perfumery, create a perfume of their own and explore the possibilities of fragrance. These workshops will take place on Saturday 7th October, 2-4pm and Saturday 21st October, 2-4pm.

Workshops cost £5 per person, all materials are provided. Spaces are limited so to book you must email Michael on to register your interest.

hope to see you there!

Preparing for Orchard Square

Nestled between three established perfume retailers, October will see me take up an artists’ residence in Orchard Square, Sheffield. Nominally a retail unit, my residency will hope to subvert preconceptions of fragrance, which is steeped in consumerism and profit. It will instead highlight the capacity perfume has for portraiture, and will offer an alternative function for fragrance, placing it as a potent means of communication.

Watch this space.

venue space

Forthcoming Exhibition Opportunity – Alternative Portraits

Myself and Sharon Mossbeck are preparing an Open Call to artists on the theme of Alternative Portraits.


Alternative Portraits will be an exhibition of non-traditional portraiture. It could be figurative or non-figurative. We are looking for work which pushes the boundaries of traditional portraiture, or explores what portraiture can be. We are particularly interested in the use of new technology, including 3D printing and laser cutting, although all formats will be given the same consideration.

Artists may submit one piece of work each. We will consider any 2D or 3D works. We regret that we cannot consider audio visual or performance works.

The call for work will be going out in the coming months, and the exhibition itself will be in Sheffield during Summer 2017. Keep an eye out for more information, or email to be added to the mailing list.


Tonight We Fuse

Tonight is the opening of FUSE – an exhibition at Access Space, Sheffield, that places 9 artists from 3 cities – Sheffield, Liverpool and Nottingham – in one exhibition under a common theme.


FUSE is a wholly positive and dynamic exhibition which aims to initiate meaningful relationships and collaborations with sets of artists that otherwise may not be given the chance to meet. In the spirit of forging such connections, the theme for the exhibition is simply ‘fuse’ which each artist may interpret however they wish. Indeed, the very act of inserting artists into one space is in itself a response to the theme.

I hope you can join us tonight for the opening. Many of the artists will be on hand to chat about their work, I will provide a talk explaining how we arrived at the exhibition, and there’ll be refreshments available. All welcome!

Perfume Portrait #30 – GRR West

GRR WEST 50ml EDTp1050488

Head – Petitgrain

Heart – Fennel Seed

Body – Myrrh, White Musk

Description – A fragrance to remind you of the virtues of the pioneer, with notes that point towards a humane need to innovate and forge new creative directions.

This perfume was created by utilising the artist’s response to the question ‘why do make art?’ It is included in Perfume as Practice AW16 – an exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield comprising of 14 perfume portraits themed within the woody fragrance family. The exhibition runs from 30th November – 3rd December 2016 and includes an open evening featuring an artist’s talk on 3rd December, 6-8pm at Bank Street Arts itself.


Perfume Portrait #28 – Samantha Galbraith

Samantha Galbraith 50ml EDTp1050487

Head – Lemon, Lime

Heart – Cypress

Body – Frankincense

Description – Wholly positive with an
established lust for a rich and diverse reality, this fragrance draws upon the notion of inspiration and offers an avid celebration of life.

This perfume was created by utilising the artist’s response to the question ‘why do make art?’ It is included in Perfume as Practice AW16 – an exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield comprising of 14 perfume portraits themed within the woody fragrance family. The exhibition runs from 30th November – 3rd December 2016 and includes an open evening featuring an artist’s talk on 3rd December, 6-8pm at Bank Street Arts itself.


FUSE – A Crowdfunding Campaign Bringing Artists and Cities Together

Fuse Crowdfunding Campaign – 10 artists, 3 cities, 1 exhibition. Help make it Happen! 

FUSE is an upcoming exhibition at The Holt, Sheffield that seeks to bring 10 artists from 3 different cities together under the theme of FUSE.


My work for this exhibition will fuse travel with perfume

We aim to not only bring you diverse and intriguing approaches to the theme of FUSE, which each artist may interpret however they wish, but we also seek to bridge 3 different sets of artists and 3 very different cities – Liverpool, London and Sheffield. The action of providing a space for these artists to exhibit intends to encourage conversation, instigate relationships and develop working careers.

However, FUSE needs YOUR help! We are currently crowdfunding for the exhibition, enabling us to cover venue and travel costs.

If you donate, you’ll be rewarded not only with the knowledge that you’ve supported artists, but also with some fantastic perks and rewards – including original artworks and invitations to events. Here’s just some of the rewards on offer:


If any of this interests you, please to consider donating to the campaign as it will be very much appreciated. Please also feel free to share the campign with people you know as it will be great to expand our reach. here’s another link to the campaign:

Fuse Crowdfunding Campaign – 10 artists, 3 cities, 1 exhibition. Help make it Happen! 

Thank you.

Reflecting on UNITY’s Open Evening

On Friday myself and Sharon Mossbeck hosted the open evening for UNITY – our open -call exhibition at Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield, that looks at the theme of Unity following Britain’s decision to leave the EU. We’re still amazed by the turnout, which was 132 people.


A reflection of our hard work? Well, maybe. But then we always put hard work into our exhibitions, and we’ve never had an opening quite like this. Perhaps UNITY offered more than simply an exhibition. It provided artists with a space to vent, to place their thoughts towards our divided nation onto a piece of work as a means of meditation, or reflection, or a means to comprehend or reinforce their position among the complexities leaving the EU represents. It instigated a process of healing, of re-building bridges and of finding connections between people and communities.

This was not only reflected in the work received but also in the visitors that attended. They too want to bear witness to how creative action can be a strong moral, social and political force. They too want to feel re-united following divisive political events, and understand that art has the capacity to do that.

In short, it’s an exhibition that people wanted and needed. It inspired those that don’t normally consider themselves artists to take action. It re-ignited passion and it provided people with the opportunity to express their thoughts with meaning and relevance directly applicable to current events.

It was certainly a meditative process for me personally. I feel – and I’m sure Sharon does too – that we have created a positive force for good.

An Invitation to Unity

I would like to invite everyone to the opening evening of  UNITY on Friday 19th August 2016, from 6-8pm. 
UNITY is an exhibition celebrating togetherness following the recent EU referendum. The exhibition is a chance for people to come together in a positive way, and share their own interpretation of what unity means to them. It has been devised and curated by Michael Borkowsky and Sharon Mossbeck.

50 artists from around the UK have submitted work, making for an exciting and diverse exhibition. Refreshments available during the open evening and you will have the chance to meet many of the artists involved.

Entry is FREE, and you can find us at Exchange Place Studios, Exchange Street, Sheffield S2 5SZ

Other than the open evening, the exhibition runs from Thursday 18th August – Thursday 25th August 2016. Our opening times are: 10am – 4pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri; 11am – 4pm Thurs, Sat Sun

Any work sold in the exhibition will see 5% of the price going to South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation. For 30 years the foundation have been supporting community groups who help people facing hardship and disadvantage, and those working to improve the communities they live in.
I hope you can make it!