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2018 Ambitions – Launching ‘Scents of our Time’

One of my ambitions in 2018 is to launch and exhibit ‘Scents of our Time’ – a body of work that that uses scent and candle making to explore social and political issues. Each candle will be a comment on a particular current event and I’d hope to cover a variety of topics. The aim is to reveal the capacity scent has for narrative, expression and contemplation. I have made 5 so far, and the issues covered include Brexit, climate change and terrorism. I’m currently looking for potential venues to exhibit this body of work, so if anyone knows of any suitable venues let me know!


Scents of Our Time #2 – Fields of Wheat

All the fun and frolics of the outdoors without the indignity of displeasing any farmers, Fields of Wheat lets you unleash your naughty side with the earthy, heartening aroma of cut grass, pine needle and carrot seed. Perfect for when entertaining a politically-charged dinner party.


Scents of Our Time is an ongoing series of work that explores the capacity scent has for social, moral and political commentary in relation to everyday life.

Time for Brexit-Based Creative Action!

Right, enough of the Brexit hangover. Time for action!

Me and fellow artist Sharon Mossbeck are preparing an open call exhibition under the theme of UNITY. Exact times are TBC but it will be at Exchange Place Studios mid/late August. Everyone will be invited to submit work and pretty much all work will be included as long as the theme of UNITY is present. Whether you voted in or out, the fact is we are in this together, so lets seek constructive ways of uniting.

Brexit and the UK Artist

Like many, I have spent the majority of today coming to terms with Britain’s departure from the European Union and the divisions it has imposed both nationally and internationally. I have harboured feelings of shock, anger and sadness regarding what it means for the humble UK based contemporary artist but, although the dust is far from settled, I am now beginning to feel more reflective.

Funding and freedom of movement may become rather compromised over the upcoming years but art has a vigorous ability to adapt, be flexible and survive. And in the light of such limitations us UK artists must lead by example and unite – providing supportive platforms for each other as a progressive alternative to the divided nation that stands before us.  Art often illuminates alternative realities and, through the spirit of community and support from each other we artists could become pioneers of our future.

Creative Practice in Light of Recent Events

Over recent weeks I have been concious – as I’m sure we all have – over the idea that the UK could initiate air strikes against Isis in Syria. Last night it was announced that the Government’s plan to initiate air-strikes was to go ahead and was put into action this morning.

Waking up to news you have fundamental problems with, yet is linked to your own country, feels difficult and fuels anxiety and uncertainty; though of course this pales in comparison to the thoughts of Syrian civilians.

UK Parliament held a yes/no vote on whether the bombing should be initiated. This already posed a problem as surely this conflict demands far more consideration than a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’. Indeed, there are those who take my personal stance that military action by the UK in Syria against Isis could be effective, provided that it is a supporting role on the ground working with Syria to carefully and meticulously eradicate the threat of terror from the country and beyond. However, the idea of air-strikes feels – at best – heavy handed and at worst could lead to the unnecessary killing of civilians, further fuelling terrorist propaganda.

It’s been difficult to disengage with these world events and inevitably it has led me to consider the position of my practice. It’s easy to feel dismissive within this context, but then art provides an alternative, has to capacity to instigate social and moral change with passion and positivity, and can unite isolated or marginalised sets of people. Not to mention the solace, hope and escapism it provides.

I believe it is important to re-acquaint yourself with the value of creative practice and creative thinking from time to time. Even within my practice, there are contextual subtleties of anti-consumerism and pro-identity which provide a voice, a means of reflection and a means of communication. My work also seeks to find alternative ways of considering pre-defined concepts. This, if functioning as a metaphor, is able to transcend perfumery and adopt moral, social and even political standpoints.

Art is more about who you are than what you do. It is my outlet and means of communicating. There would be a sense of loss and emptiness without it as it provides a platform for thought, discussion, communication and, above all, inclusion. I will forever promote creation over destruction and as such, in my own way, will continue to attempt to contribute and connect with all areas of the community.