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Perfume Making Workshop at Exchange Place Studios

On Saturday 27th July I’m running a perfume making workshop from 11am – 1pm at Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield, as part of Fronteer‘s Botanicals exhibition. For £20 the workshop provides a fantastic opportunity to learn about the art of perfumery and make a perfume of your own ready to take home. I’d love to see you there! More info and tickets here:


Perfume Portrait #41 – Adam Jones

Adam Jones 50ml EDT20171103_202734

Head – Petitgrain

Heart – Pine Needle, Carrot Seed

Body – Sandalwood

Description – Nominally woody and referencing the therapeutic tendencies of woodland, yet a kick of carrot seed playfully disrupts.

This fragrance was exhibited at Surface Gallery, Nottingham, from 3rd – 18th November 2017.

Fiery Fella

Behold, my first attempt at a scented candle!


Not bad eh?

But why?! I hear you ask. Well, as well as it being a notable use for fragrance oils – which I have in abundance due to my perfumery pursuits –  I am seeking to initiate and develop a new strand of work, which will re-purpose church spaces in an attempt to re-align art to religion.

My work tends to offer many layers of engagement whist also seeming relativity subtle- a studio space that isn’t actually a studio space; a perfume shop that isn’t actually a perfume shop; and now a shrine that isn’t actually a shrine. These shrines will speculate upon an existence for artists that draws parallels to a religion. The aim is to explore, speculate and create alternative functions for both creative and religious practice in order to attain a furthered and relevant understanding of them both within the present. Are art galleries the Cathedrals of the present day? Or can the very working of religion inform how art and artists function within society? Or both? Or neither?! And what would all of this look like?!?! Lets find out…


’tis the Season

And so, the status of Christmas has officially shifted from being ‘a while away yet’ to ‘upon us’ with the usual blistering speed. As such, it’s time for people to participate in the hellish endeavour of present buying.

Among the hubbub, why not consider purchasing some of my festive offerings? For I am selling the scent of Christmas from Sheffield at a reasonable price!

For £3, (plus p&p) you can get your hands on a Christmas Tincture – an oil based scent full of the joys of Yuletide! Notes include cinnamon, clove, frankincense and orange, all contained within a charmingly decorated bottle:

Christmas Tinctures - £3 each

Christmas Tinctures – £3 each

For something with a little more bite, why not plump for my Christmas room fragrance? For £25 (plus p&p) you can experience 100ml worth of festive delights in a striking gold and white bottle. Notes once again include cinnamon, clove, frankincense and orange, but this time you can spray it around the home – creating magical Christmas scents with every spray! –

Christmas Room Fragrance - £25

Christmas Room Fragrance – £25


If you’re interested in either of these products, then send me a message and I’ll see what I can do! (although it’s UK only, I’m afraid) …Thank you! 🙂