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Valentine’s Day Gift Extravaganza!

As you may know, our crowdfunding campaign – which is raising funds for an artist led Valentine’s Day themed exhibition in Sheffield – is up and running and gaining momentum. The great thing about crowdfunding is that it initiates and strengthens community spirit: Giving anyone from any background the chance to become an intrinsic part of exiting artist led projects and the opportunity to directly support the arts locally and nationally. Our crowdfunding campaign is no different, and in return for your generous donation you will be cordially invited to our opening evening, credited in our exhibition and you can take advantage of some wonderful rewards handmade by the artists exhibiting – just in time for Valentine’s Day!

Indeed, whether you love Valentine’s Day or hate it, I’m sure you’ll agree that the diversity and quality of the rewards on offer is fantastic – and certainly bodes well for the exhibition! Here’s what our artists are offering as rewards: 

Sharon Mossbeck – Love – £5 – Buy from here


Ever the contemporary art cross-stitcher, Sharon Mossbeck has created 10 of these simple yet elegant original postcard-sized cross stitch pieces. A perfect Valentine’s Day card alternative. Get ’em while you can!

Sharon Mossbeck – Love Token – £10 – Buy from here


For £10 you can take home this fabulous original piece of art. Gold leaf and acrylic on wood, this stylised, 4cm x 4cm depiction of an anatomical heart is the perfect alternative Valentine’s card. A wonderful chance to buy original art while backing our exhibition.

Sharon Mossbeck- Cross Stitch Kit – £10 – Buy from here


Sharon Mossbeck’s cross stitch kit provides you with everything you need to make a fair isle heart of your own. This unique reward designed entirely by Sharon herself makes an ideal Valentine’s Day gift. It can be yours for £10.

  Gill Alderson – Portrait – £20 – Buy from here


Gill Alderson’s ‘Portrait’ is gold leaf and pencil on an egg shell. It is beautiful to behold and a truly unique and unusual piece of original artwork in it’s own right. This can be yours for £20, and you’ll also be cordially invited to any event we organise.

Michael Borkowsky- Love Potion – £25 (UK Only) – Buy from here


Referencing the historical links between perfume and medicine, fine art perfumer Michael Borkowsky has created a bespoke fragrance designed to attract the opposite sex while offering mental wellbeing! A blend of white musk, jasmine, vanilla, rosemary and a hint of apple in a sweet almond oil, this perfume captures the essence of sensuality and keeps your mind in good health!  (UK Only)

Gill Alderson – Pendant – £35 – Buy from here


Artist Gill Alderson is offering this beautiful and intricate hand drawn pendant cast in real gold. Truly original and captivating, this can be yours for £35. A fantastic way of acquiring original work while backing the exhibition!

Sharon Hall Shipp – Constellation I – £45 – Buy from here


Constellation I is a wonderful and highly detailed original collage by artist Sharon Hall Shipp. 18x13cm mounted on thick paper, this is a captivating piece that cites dance steps, cartography, constellations and love as sources of inspiration. This is a fantastic chance to receive original art and support artists while backing our exhibition!

Lizzie Biscuits – Minimal – £100 – Buy from here


Minimal is a miniature costume wearing animal, and a much loved product of Lizzie Biscuits’ practice. Choose any animal you wish and allow Lizzie to dress them in a handmade outfit. A frog in a frock coat? A cat in a hat? A dog in a dress? Email your choice to

…We hope you love some of the rewards our artists have made! If you’d like more information about our crowdfunding campaign, or would like to donate, share or get involved in some way, then click the image below


Thank you!

Love Potion

In the spirit of uncovering new directions for Perfume as practise, aside from using perfumery as a vehicle for portraiture. I present to you this fragrance, entitled Love Potion:


Referencing the historical links between perfume and medicine, this bespoke fragrance designed to attract the opposite sex while offering mental wellbeing! A blend of white musk, jasmine, vanilla, rosemary and a hint of apple in a sweet almond oil, this perfume captures the essence of sensuality and keeps your mind in good health.

Whats more, this fragrance is currently being offered as a crowdfunding reward. For £25, you get this 30ml perfume and you will also be cordially invited The Court of Love, a group exhibition at Exchange Placer Studios, Sheffield, that examines Valentine’s Day. Take a look here to support our crowdfunder, or to donate or share. Thank you!

The Court of Love Crowdfunding Campaign

We are currently crowdfunding for The Court of Love – our upcoming art and poetry exhibition examining Valentine’s Day at Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield.


The Court of Love is a group exhibition that sees artists and poets respond to the theme of Valentine’s Day. The exhibition itself is themed like a medieval court – referencing the first ever occurrence of Valentine’s Day which featured a feast, poetry competitions and jousting. Some artists have chosen to incorporate the theme in their work.

15 artists from around the UK will each deliver their unique and intriguing interpretation of Valentine’s Day. And poets who submitted to The Court of Love’s poetry competition will see their work displayed. In the spirit of competition, the public will get a chance to vote for their favorite poem, and the poet receiving the most votes will win a prize.

We hope that the exhibition provides a fun, intriguing and alternative Valentine’s Day experience. However, for the exhibition to be the best it can be, we need your help! Your contribution will pay for materials needed to stage the exhibition and a means to stage two special events. In return you can receive fantastic rewards & invitations to our events. This is also a wonderful chance to own fantastic original art works such as these:

Your donation will also help support artists and help further cement Exchange Place Studios’ presence as a prominent arts venue in Sheffield.

Click here to be sent to our crowdfunding page. Many thanks!

FUSE – A Crowdfunding Campaign Bringing Artists and Cities Together

Fuse Crowdfunding Campaign – 10 artists, 3 cities, 1 exhibition. Help make it Happen! 

FUSE is an upcoming exhibition at The Holt, Sheffield that seeks to bring 10 artists from 3 different cities together under the theme of FUSE.


My work for this exhibition will fuse travel with perfume

We aim to not only bring you diverse and intriguing approaches to the theme of FUSE, which each artist may interpret however they wish, but we also seek to bridge 3 different sets of artists and 3 very different cities – Liverpool, London and Sheffield. The action of providing a space for these artists to exhibit intends to encourage conversation, instigate relationships and develop working careers.

However, FUSE needs YOUR help! We are currently crowdfunding for the exhibition, enabling us to cover venue and travel costs.

If you donate, you’ll be rewarded not only with the knowledge that you’ve supported artists, but also with some fantastic perks and rewards – including original artworks and invitations to events. Here’s just some of the rewards on offer:


If any of this interests you, please to consider donating to the campaign as it will be very much appreciated. Please also feel free to share the campign with people you know as it will be great to expand our reach. here’s another link to the campaign:

Fuse Crowdfunding Campaign – 10 artists, 3 cities, 1 exhibition. Help make it Happen! 

Thank you.

Returning to Crowdfunding

A mere 8 months since my solo crowdfunding effort, I find myself once again involved in such a campaign! This time though, it’s a group effort.

Click here to support SCI Art-Athena

SCI – an arts collaborative I am a part of – are looking to raise funds for the opportunity to exhibit internationally. Reaching our goal will enable at least two members of the collaborative to travel to Athens

This is a great opportunity for SCI to develop as a collaborative, and will also gives you a fantastic opportunity to purchase some unique and handmade pieces of work: From paper drawings to etchings, and from paintings to mixed media collages, this crowdfunding campaign has something for everyone. Your contribution will also support the arts and offer the chance for a group of artists to gain new opportunities and new ways of developing their careers, which is a brilliant thing to give.

We’ve made a fantastic start – already raising a quarter of the funds we need. But we still need your help! Any contribution or promoting of the campaign would be very appriciated. And I’d like to say thank you so much to those who have already engaged with the project.

You can find more information about the project and how to donate here:

Many thanks!

The Fruits of Crowdfunding

It’s a whole two months since my crowdfunding ended and, hidden between satisfying crowdfunding rewards and producing works for an upcoming exhibition in September, the materials I have been able to purchase from crowdfunding funds is beginning to arrive:


Yes, everyday I am awash with sheer joyous anticipation as I await the sound of the postman’s footsteps, wondering what scented delights he’ll grace my letterbox with this time. I Have purchased around £200 worth of materials – around half of my total crowdfunding funds, and I have around another £100 to use before my exhibition at Bank Street Arts in February next year.

Still, receiving materials is all fine and dandy, but also pretty useless if you don’t crack ’em open and start using them. Needless to say over the next four months I’ll be very busy, with an aim to create 50 perfume portraits of artists before February, taking into account all experimentation and complications. So better get on with t then eh?!

Once again, thank you so much to everyone who contributed to my crowdfunding campaign 🙂

Reflecting on Crowdfunding

And so, after 50 days of patience, persistence and promotion, my crowdfunding campaign has ended – although it will still be live for the next week, due to Indiegogo’s option to allow successful campaigns to remain live, so feel free to have a look, if you like!

It has achieved five pounds over the £500 target, would you believe? I am pretty elated by this, and also relieved that all efforts promoting the campaign have been rewarded.

I am very grateful to everyone who supported my crowdfunding campaign, and feedback towards the overall project – ‘Perfume as Practice’ – has been extremely positive and exemplified the crowdfunding achieving its target. Thank you so much, everyone! I can now think about how exactly I will spend the money, and how that money will enable my goals to reach fruition.

The only negative comments I have received centre around the project being over-ambitious. But then what artist isn’t over-ambitious?! Indeed, the comments raised failed to address the fact that the 100 perfumes I plan to make will contain a fair bit of experimentation, research, exploration and alchemy – they are essentially portraits and will be designed for artistic purposes only. I think the assumption was that I wanted to create 100 bespoke and branded perfumes of saleable and consumable quality. Which isn’t the case and in fact I wish to offer some kind of alternative to that.

So, was my crowdfunding a success? Well, yes I think it was. Hindsight, however, would suggest that a six-week crowdfunding campaign was too long. Four weeks would have sufficed as I don’t think I reached any more people during the final two weeks, and by then fatigue had set in. Crowdfunding can be quite a consuming beast, and now that it is over, I feel a little liberated and able to think about other stuff. This is just as well, as I am showing work at Wadsley Arts Festival this weekend and organising an exhibition at Exchange Place Studios the following weekend to coincide with Castlegate Festival. So I have plenty to think about!

2015-06-08 19.04.00

Last Week: From Liverpool to London

If a week is a long time in politics, then how long is it for an artist? Well, to answer that awkward and clumsy self-imposed question, allow me to take you through my last 7 days.

It has been a week where I feel a very tangible sense of progression as I navigate my own unique way through the art spanning the industries of fine art and perfumery – all the while keeping my crowdfunding campaign ticking over. The 14th of May saw me complete a piece of work for LightNight at Tate Liverpool, to be exhibited the very next day for 4 hours. There is something quite joyous and immediate about such a swift exhibition – which took the form of a treasure hunt – I rather enjoyed the urgency of it all. There is a sense of intensity; of something temporarily grasping onto a space for dear life, only to disappear in an instant. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, the piece I exhibited formed an extension of ‘Perfume as Practice’ – the residency I am currently running at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, which looks at how perfumery can be used as portraiture. I asked fellow artist David Andrews what defines him as an artist. His response was analysed, investigated and interpreted until a perfume was concocted, revealing the true essence of who he is:


LightNight was brilliant. A great success, and good fun. A weekend of reflection ensued, which also involved a mammoth promotional surge with regards my crowdfunding – it’s going well, I just need £200 now – but it has been a massive effort. Its very hard to forget about it, and it’s always tempting to see if any more money has come in. That said, it’s very rewarding and a great gauge when considering how well received your project is. I’d do it again without doubt.

On Tuesday, I went to London accompanied by fellow artist Sharon Mossbeck. I have wanted to visit Barbican Centre’s latest offering – Magnificent Obsessions – since it’s opening in February. It didn’t disappoint. Indeed, it offered intrigue and inspiration for an upcoming collaboration with Mossbeck, which is based on a re-imagination of the ‘Cabinet of Curiosities’. Magnificent Obsessions offered an innovative way of thinking about artists and the perceived identity of artists. It shifts the dynamic that of the obsessive – an individual whose creative practice extends beyond the exhibition space. Food for thought when creating my Speculative Studio Spaces.

From Barbican Centre, we trot off to Illuminum Fragrances. I set up a meeting with them, as we have like-minded ideas about scent, perfume and what perfume can be. How they present their fragrances is beautiful – scent becomes almost visual, and takes centre stage. What is actually visual becomes minimum – an appendage to the scent, complimenting it and enhancing the experience of it. In terms of a display, it provided me with a great deal of inspiration regarding how my exhibition at Bank Street Arts could look. More than that though, I really loved just being there, in the room. There was a strange sense of familiarity about it. Compounded no doubt by how friendly and approachable everyone there is. I was even gifted an awesome bottle of perfume. How great is that?!

IMG_4223 (2)

I would love to instigate some kind of collaboration with Illuminum, and will spend the weekend having a think about what we could create together.

And so I find myself here, within the realms of contemplation, as I consider exactly what’s next. I know June will be a bloody busy month; with my crowdfunding coming to an end, two exhibitions – including one I am organising myself – and preparation for a third exhibition at the beginning of July. It’s gonna be a big ‘un! Bring it on, I say!

In Praise of Crowdfunding

Crowdfunding. It’s a term with increasing relevance and, as an artist, I find it an increasingly viable means of – not just acquiring funding – but as a tool to drive a sense of community and inclusion within my practice.

Some liken crowdfunding to that of a begging-bowl – a desperate attempt of gathering a few coins in a bid to get some vague and obscure dream off the ground: A bit of an exercise in futility. I disagree, in fact I wholeheartedly disagree, and would go so far as to suggest that acquiring funding is just one aspect of what crowdfunding means.

A Crowdfunding campaign plays out like a narrative with a defined beginning, middle and end, and pledging money towards a campaign includes you directly in the narrative. You become connected to a socially-driven platform and as such, you feel connected to the campaign. Your contribution allows to to feel part of something – and the feeling of being part of something makes us feel included, valued and essentially just happy. Crowdfunding is definitely a force for good when used properly.

From the perspective of an artist, crowdfunding is a great platform for promoting your work – it offers the public an easy and socially inclusive means of buying artwork whilst at the same time allows them to be connected to something bigger. Indeed, it allows the artist to gain exposure and – even if people don’t pledge – the fact that an audience has seen your project and engaged with it in some way is always appreciated.

So, with all that in mind, I’d like to present to you my crowdfunding campaign. Entitled ‘The Art of Perfumery’, my crowdfunding campaign is looking to raise £500 for material costs and workshops for my arts residency at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield.

The residency, entitled Perfume as Practice is a project that looks at how perfume and scent can be used artistically in exciting, fun and innovative ways. The premise of the project is that I believe that perfume can be used by an artist as a tool – similar to painting and sculpture – in order to create portraiture.

I need £400 for material costs, and £100 in order to travel and provide perfume making workshops around the UK. If you can help in some way that would be brilliant! All donations are very much appreciated – and there are some great perks for donating, including the chance to own original artwork, the chance to have bespoke perfume made, and even the chance to meet me in my studio! If you can’t donate, I would love it if you could share the campaign and share the project.

Please click the image below to be directed to my crowdfunding page. There you’ll find further details of the project, including further details of the perks. I really hope you find the project a worthwhile endeavor. I believe my project offers the opportunity to uncover new and fun ways to think about scent, perfume and art in general. But it won’t be possible without a little help 🙂

Michael Borkowsky – The Art of Perfumery