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Perfume Portrait #50 – Martha Hunter

Martha Hunter 50ml EDT 20171103_202907

Head – Sweet Orange, Elemi

Heart – Juniper Berry, Geranium

Body – Ylang Ylang

Description – Affirmative top notes burst with confidence, though scratch away at the surface and a more nuanced, poised and thoughtful fragrance is revealed

This fragrance was housed at Surface Gallery, Nottingham, from 3rd – 18th November 2017.

Road to Athens #6 – The Thrice Tenth Kingdom

Heading north-east and void of all frivolities it becomes apparent that outer desires removed from travel begin to ensue, and I find myself at a crossroads where such longing needs to be extinguished or embraced. 


The Thrice Tenth Kingdom constitutes 1 artefact of 6 that I will display in a group exhibition at Platforms Project 2017 in Athens from 20th – 25th May 2017 alongside other members of Soup Collective International (SCI)

Perfume Portrait #1 – Henk Littlewood


Henk Littlewood EDT 50ml


The Henk Littlewood displays a pure affinity with chosen materials. Drawing full-bodied inspiration from the entire creative process. This fragrance ensures full immersion with craft – from conception to end product.


This fragrance is unashamed in its use of earthy and woody tones. Complete with the barks of cinnamon, birch and bamboo with a hint of black pepper. This fragrance describes the essence of woodwork in all its beauty. 



This fragrance was created by interpreting and investigating a response to the question ‘Why do you make art?’ If you are an artist (in the broadest sense of the word) I would love to her your response to the question too, as it will enable me to create a perfume portrait that captures the essence of your creative persona. These perfumes will be on display at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, early next year.