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Perfume Portrait #111 – Grant Lambie

Grant Lambie  50ml EDT

Head – Sweet Orange

Heart – Corriander, Cinnamon

Body – Frankincense, Benzoin

Description – A depiction of Catherine of Bologna, the Patron Saint of Artists: Here body notes depict religious sanctity, mid notes reference her capacity as a baker, and a top note that alludes to her sweet smelling grave.


Lambie’s collage Circling is from a series of works which looks at ways the 2D map can be reconfigured to make different forms of reading. Here the ‘A’ roads have been isolated and collaged to made a continuous road, a never ending Roundabout. The new map then has become devoid of any useful information, which leaves the viewer asking what information was there to start with.


Lambie’s work and corresponding perfume portrait were exhibited at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, in October 2019.

Perfume Portrait #107 – JanCarlo Caling

JanCarlo Caling 50ml EDT

Head –  Petitgrain, Lemon

Heart – Cypress, Ginger

Body –  Sandalwood

Description – A celebration of masculinity, this nominally woody fragrance is complimented by bursts of ginger and lemon; symbols of happiness.


Caling’s The End of a Journey is an acrylic painting on paper. The colours used also project joy, which is what Caling wants the viewers to feel when they are looking at my painting. The work also takes inspiration from the term “self love” and how loving yourself can sometimes be a really gruelling journey. The boat symbolises the rocky relationship the man had with his body and this is the part where he gets off the boat suggesting that they have finally learned to love themselves.


Caling’s work and corresponding perfume portrait were exhibited at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, in October 2019.

Fronteer Open Call – Botanicals


Fronteer – an arts initiative by myself and Sharon Mossbeck – presents Botanicals, a group exhibition featuring art work relating to a botanical theme.

The theme can be interpreted however you wish, and does not need to be overtly botanical. Work can be in any medium, either 2D or sculptural. The exhibition will not include any video or audio works.

We are looking for high quality work to form a stylised exhibition with an exhibition catalogue to accompany it. The exhibition will take place in the newly refurbished North Gallery at Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield for three weeks in July 2019.

Artists from all backgrounds are invited to submit one piece of work (or a set of pieces which amount to one work, e.g. a triptych). It is free to submit, with only those artists who are successful paying a £30 entry fee, and this includes a copy of the exhibition catalogue.

Work must be complete at the time of submission. Work can be offered for sale during the exhibition, and we will charge 10% commission.

The deadline for submissions is 10pm on Sunday 14th April and successful artists will be notified by email by Sunday 28th April.

If successful, you will be invited to send or deliver your work to Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield, UK, where Fronteer is based. Your work must reach us by no later than Friday 14th June. If you wish to bring your work in person you can do so on 2nd or 3rd July, 11am-4pm.

The £30 entry fee for successful artists can be paid via Paypal or bank transfer by Friday 14th June (midnight). You can also pay in cash in person on 2nd or 3rd July 11am-4pm.

The exhibition will run from Monday 8th – Sat 27th July, 11-4 daily (except Sundays), with a related programme of events taking place throughout.

How to Submit

Artists are invited to submit ONE piece of work.

Work can be 2D or 3D, though unfortunately we cannot accept video or audio works. Works which require hanging must be ready to hang with mirror plates or picture wire already attached.

If successful your work will be featured in an exhibition catalogue. As such, we are require the photographs which accompany your submission to sent as jpegs at 300 dpi, and images should be between 1mb and 3mb.

Please submit by email to along with the following:

  • Your name
  • Title of the piece
  • Medium
  • Dimensions of the piece
  • Up to 3 300dpi images of your piece
  • If your work will be offered for sale, and if so, what price.
  • Up to 50 words about the work, written in the third person (this text will be included in the catalogue if you are successful)
  • Up to 50 words about yourself, written in the third person (this text will be included in the catalogue if you are successful)

All work must be complete at the time of submission. Any work which varies from the original piece submitted will be rejected. It is important that images submitted should fit the specifications outlined. If you enter more than one submission, all of your entries will be rejected. If you wish to submit a print, it will be your responsibility to print it off before posting it to us.

Thank you and good luck!

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We try to post varied content, especially when exhibitions are running, so be sure to follow us!

Perfume Portrait #71 – Sonny J. Barker

Sonny J. Barker 50ml EDT

Head – Petitgrain, lime, niaouli

Heart – Juniper berry, black pepper

Body – Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood


Description – an affirmative fragrance that simultaneously reveals a certain vulnerability yet turns it into positive creative action. Citrus top notes brim with a focused mental capacity and, while delicate floral notes are revealed, so too are assertive spices and grounding woods. Confident yet complex.

This perfume is one of fifteen housed at Bureau, Blackburn from 12th – 26th April as part of my solo exhibition, Perfume as Practice.

Perfume Portrait #28 – Samantha Galbraith

Samantha Galbraith 50ml EDTp1050487

Head – Lemon, Lime

Heart – Cypress

Body – Frankincense

Description – Wholly positive with an
established lust for a rich and diverse reality, this fragrance draws upon the notion of inspiration and offers an avid celebration of life.

This perfume was created by utilising the artist’s response to the question ‘why do make art?’ It is included in Perfume as Practice AW16 – an exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield comprising of 14 perfume portraits themed within the woody fragrance family. The exhibition runs from 30th November – 3rd December 2016 and includes an open evening featuring an artist’s talk on 3rd December, 6-8pm at Bank Street Arts itself.


Perfume Portrait #27 – Lucien Fellowes

Lucien Fellowes 50ml EDTp1050484

Head – Sweet Birch

Heart – Cinnamon, Ginger

Body – Sandalwood

Description – Nominally sweet and as such, a direct association with compulsion is established. Though ginger and sandalwood highlight creatively intuitive tenancies.

This perfume was created by utilising the artist’s response to the question ‘why do make art?’ It is included in Perfume as Practice AW16 – an exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield comprising of 14 perfume portraits themed within the woody fragrance family. The exhibition runs from 30th November – 3rd December 2016 and includes an open evening featuring an artist’s talk on 3rd December, 6-8pm at Bank Street Arts itself.

An Invitation to my Perfume as Practice A/W 2016 Open Evening

Join me on Saturday 3rd December at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield, from 6-8pm for an open evening of my Perfume as Practice autumn / winter 2016 collection.

Perfume as Practice A/W ’16 will feature 15 unique perfumes, each a portrait of another artist. This achieved initially by posing the question ‘why do you make art?’ then using the responses received to create a perfume that captures the essence of an artists’ persona.

This iteration of Perfume as Practice will also look at how fragrance families can uncover common threads between artists. In the spirit of autumn, we will be looking at the ‘woody’ fragrance family.

I will be available throughout the evening to answer any questions, or just to have a chat to! I’ll also be holding an Artists’ Talk at 7pm, describing my approach to perfumery, portraiture and utilising scent in my work.

Plus they’ll be drinks, chat and a beautifully fragrant atmosphere! What’s more, the event is Free! Hope you can join me!

For more information, you can check out my Facebook event page here.

Thank you!

Reflecting on October

Finding the time to write about my practice is proving harder and harder. I can only hope that my lack of online transparency is being perceived as a vain attempt to appear mysterious and elusive in order to affect intrigue in my work. The truth of the matter is far more banal however – I just haven’t had the time.

My general – and probably erroneous – theory is that the more stuff you do the less you write about it, simply on the basis that time is finite, and can either be spent writing or doing. But then, there is plenty to write about: October saw me involved in 2 exhibitions. Both of which were in Sheffield and both of which offered different sets of responsibilities

First, we have FUSE – collaboration between SCI and Exchange Place Studios which I facilitated and co-curated with Ziana Sajid, a graduate from the Sheffield School of Architecture. FUSE was held at The Holt, Sheffield. a fantastic cafe and arts space.


FUSE was an exercise in fostering collaboration and providing a supportive and inclusive platform for artists to progress. Indeed, for me it did feel like a means of enabling relationships between artists to develop as opposed to simply a case of doing a bit of art and putting it up. There was a weight behind it afforded by the fact that it could provide further opportunities for the artists involved – a fact evidenced by the fact that a second exhibition next year will bolster the relationships initiated. My role in FUSE felt more of a facilitator than an artist – a feeling only felt once before; when organising UNITY.

That’s not to dismiss its aesthetic values though, as it was a well-balanced and strong exhibition that allowed artist and audience alike to assess the themes found within. A thoroughly enjoyable and worthwhile experience supported by good attendance and reception.

Next, we had Curious Cabinets. An exhibition devised and curated by Sharon Mossbeck based on the notion of the cabinet of curiosities. However, as a means to confound expectations, often it was the cabinets themselves that provided the most intrigue, not to mention the eerie atmosphere created within the space.

The whole thing was brilliantly pitched and delivered by Sharon- a deliberately unnerving and haunting affair featuring the work of 15 artists from around the UK. My work attempted to exist somewhere between a medicine cabinet and a television cabinet, offering a speculative insight into the process of TV consumption.

I also co-created a piece based on Nostradamus with Sharon and I also provided artist Gill Alderson with perfumes for her cabinet:

The exhibition was supported by two events – an opening evening and a Halloween special. Both of which were a great deal of fun and confirmed the presence of Exchange Place as a destination for exhibitions.

I am filled with confidence off the back of these exhibitions, which puts me in good stead – as I’ve got it all to do again this month, with a Pokémon-based open call exhibition due to run from 22nd November at Mugen Tea House, and a brand new collection of perfume portraits due the same time at Bank Street Arts. Add into the mix Yorkshire Artspace’s Open Studios, Lady of Situations (for which I have developed a perfume piece) and a guest talk at Chester University and we’re looking at the busiest month I’ve ever faced! Right, let’s get on with it.

FUSE – A Crowdfunding Campaign Bringing Artists and Cities Together

Fuse Crowdfunding Campaign – 10 artists, 3 cities, 1 exhibition. Help make it Happen! 

FUSE is an upcoming exhibition at The Holt, Sheffield that seeks to bring 10 artists from 3 different cities together under the theme of FUSE.


My work for this exhibition will fuse travel with perfume

We aim to not only bring you diverse and intriguing approaches to the theme of FUSE, which each artist may interpret however they wish, but we also seek to bridge 3 different sets of artists and 3 very different cities – Liverpool, London and Sheffield. The action of providing a space for these artists to exhibit intends to encourage conversation, instigate relationships and develop working careers.

However, FUSE needs YOUR help! We are currently crowdfunding for the exhibition, enabling us to cover venue and travel costs.

If you donate, you’ll be rewarded not only with the knowledge that you’ve supported artists, but also with some fantastic perks and rewards – including original artworks and invitations to events. Here’s just some of the rewards on offer:


If any of this interests you, please to consider donating to the campaign as it will be very much appreciated. Please also feel free to share the campign with people you know as it will be great to expand our reach. here’s another link to the campaign:

Fuse Crowdfunding Campaign – 10 artists, 3 cities, 1 exhibition. Help make it Happen! 

Thank you.

An Invitation to Unity

I would like to invite everyone to the opening evening of  UNITY on Friday 19th August 2016, from 6-8pm. 
UNITY is an exhibition celebrating togetherness following the recent EU referendum. The exhibition is a chance for people to come together in a positive way, and share their own interpretation of what unity means to them. It has been devised and curated by Michael Borkowsky and Sharon Mossbeck.

50 artists from around the UK have submitted work, making for an exciting and diverse exhibition. Refreshments available during the open evening and you will have the chance to meet many of the artists involved.

Entry is FREE, and you can find us at Exchange Place Studios, Exchange Street, Sheffield S2 5SZ

Other than the open evening, the exhibition runs from Thursday 18th August – Thursday 25th August 2016. Our opening times are: 10am – 4pm Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri; 11am – 4pm Thurs, Sat Sun

Any work sold in the exhibition will see 5% of the price going to South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation. For 30 years the foundation have been supporting community groups who help people facing hardship and disadvantage, and those working to improve the communities they live in.
I hope you can make it!