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Perfume Making Workshops


P1030382My perfume making workshops give participants a fantastic and unique opportunity to find out more about the perfume making process, create a perfume of their own, explore the possibilities of fragrance and engage with the notion that perfume can be a potent means of communicating and instigating meaningful creative action. 

I begin by describing my relationship with perfume making, which I have approached from a contemporary art perspective. I then give a working demonstration of how to make a 50ml eau de toilette (EDT) by mixing perfumers alcohol, essential oils, fragrance oils and water in a bottle. I also explain about fragrance notes, fragrance families, and how to achieve a successful fragrance blend. Participants then have a go at making their own perfume choosing from a wide range of oils; the result is a perfume in a spray bottle they can take home on the day.


Forthcoming Perfume Making Workshops 2017

29th October: Harrington Mills, Nottingham

18th November: Abbey House Museum, Leeds


Previous Perfume Making Workshops

Biscuit Factory, Newcastle | 30th July 2017

Abbey House Museum, Leeds | 22nd July 2017

Abbey House Museum, Leeds | 11th March 2017

Access Space, Sheffield | 23rd February 2017

Abbey House Museum, Leeds | 10th December 2016

WillyNillie, Chester-le-Street | 13th August 2016 (2 sessions)