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Perfume as Practice

What is Perfume as Practice?

Perfume as Practice is a project that uses perfume as a platform for portraiture – extending our knowledge of what scent can be and how the craft of perfumery can be utilised for fine art practice.

Perfume as Practice provides an alternative way of thinking about perfumery, and assesses how non-visual approaches to creative processes can inform how we understand portraiture, creative practice and ways of communicating. It also peculates upon an existence where scent is our primary means of experiencing the world. How would art, and indeed how would artists exist if this was the case? And how would we use art as a tool for communication and engagement?

Currently, I am looking to create portraits of artists, as I believe the reasons why artists make art holds parallels with the reasons why people wear perfume – and such parallels can be investigated, questioned and disrupted. 

To achieve a perfume portrait of an artist, I pose to them the question ‘why do you make art?’ Then, through a combination of interpretation, intuition and investigation, combine relevant and meaningful oils in order to achieve a fragrance that captures the artists’ persona. This raises questions of identity; highlights the capacity scent has for communicating beyond its preconceptions; offers alternative thinking regarding the uses of perfume and investigated the craft of perfumery from a contemporary art standpoint. 

I am also looking to develop new strands of Perfume as Practice removed from the idea of representing artists. This has included linking scent to religion, revealing scent’s capacity for narrative and metaphor and combining scent with poetry. 

Perfume as Practice Events & Exhibitions

Perfume as Practice has been exhibited nationally and internationally in solo and group exhibitions. I aim to hold 2 solo shows a year under the guise of Spring/Summer (SS) and Autumn/Winter (AW) collections. I also hold perfume making workshops nationally.  

I am always looking to hold further ‘Perfume as Practice’ exhibitions, events and workshops in order to expand my reach and expose new audiences to the possibilities of fragrance.

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