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Exhibition Archive

Nice to See You to See You Nice

Group Exhibition | CASC Chester | 24th January – 12th March 2020

The Fronteer Open 2019

Group Exhibition | 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield | 26th November – 6th December 2019

Perfume as Practice AW19

Group Exhibition | Centrespace, Bristol | 4th – 9th October 2019

Green City

Group Exhibition | Kommune, Sheffield | 17 – 19th August 2019


Group Exhibition | Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield | 5th – 27th July 2019


Perfume as Practice – Perfumer of the People

Solo Exhibition | Asylum Art Gallery, Wolverhampton | 15th – 29th June 2019



Platforms Project Independent Art Fair | Athens School of Fine Art | 16th – 19th May 2019


And Forgive Us our Trespasses

Group Exhibition | Halifax Minster | 6th – 12th May 2019


Perfume as Practice SS19

Solo Exhibition | Lumen Crypt Gallery, London | 4th – 7th April 2019


Light and Colour

Group Exhibition | Thought Foundation, Birtley | 5th December 2018 – 28th February 2019


The Fronteer Open 2018

Group Exhibition devised by myself & Sharon Mossbeck | 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield | 20th November – 2nd December 2018


Desire and Alchemy

Two-Person Exhibition | Mugen Tea House, Sheffield | 19th October  2018 – 28th January 2019


They Sail Across the Mirrored Sea

Group ExhibitionMugen Tea House, Sheffield | 9th August – 30th September 2018


Scents of Our Time

Solo ExhibitionMugen Tea House, Sheffield | 3rd – 17th August 2018


Cabinet of Curiosity

Group ExhibitionEnköping, Sweden | 2nd August – 30th September 2018


Scents of Our Time

Residency | Access Space, Sheffield | 4th – 18th July 2018



Group Exhibition | Old Holy Trinity Church, Wentworth | 15th – 17th June 2018



Group Exhibition | Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece | 17th – 20th May 2018


Perfume as Practice SS18

Solo Exhibition | Bureau Centre for the Arts, Blackburn | 12 – 26th April 2018



Group Exhibition | Sheffield Cathedral | 10th – 20th November 2017


Perfume as Practice AW17

Solo Exhibition | Surface Gallery, Nottingham | 3rd – 18th November 2017


Failed to Connect

Group Exhibition | Harrington Mills, Long Eaton | 28th – 29th October 2017


Perfume as Practice at Orchard Square

Residency | Orchard Square, Sheffield | 1st – 27th October 2017


Alternative Portraits

Group Exhibition | Access Space, Sheffield | 8th September – 4th October 2017


Coded: Platforms Project 2017

Group Exhibition | Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece | 20th – 25th May 2017



Group Exhibition | Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield | 28th April – 8th May 2017



Group Exhibition | St Ann’s Building, Rotherham | 3rd – 7th April 2017



Self-ran group exhibition | Access Space, Sheffield | 3rd – 31st March 2017


The Court of Love Valentine’s Day Special

Poetry Readings within The Court of Love | Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield | 14th February 2017


The Senses

Group exhibition | 35 Chapel Walk, Sheffield | 10th February 2017


The Court of Love

Self-ran art and poetry group exhibition | Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield | 9th – 18th February 2017


20 x20

Group Exhibition – Access Space, Sheffield 25/11/16 – 13/01/17


Sun and Moon

Devised Group Exhibition –  Mugen Tea House, Sheffield 23/11/16 – 8/12/16

Perfume as Practice AW16

Solo Exhibition –  Bank Street Arts, Sheffield 22/11/16 – 3/12/16

Open Platform 7

Performance Evening – Access Space, Sheffield 17/11/16


Lady of Situations

Collaborative –  Various venues, Sheffield 25/10/16 – 2/12/16

Curious Cabinets

Group Exhibition –  Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield 21/10/16 – 3/11/16

Fuse #2

Devised Group Exhibition – The Holt, Sheffield 07/10/16 – 23/10/16


Group Exhibition – Tate Liverpool 02/09/16 – 18/09/16


Co-Devised Group Exhibition – Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield 18/08/16 – 25/08/16

Festival – Horsforth Walk of Art, Leeds 02/07/16 – 03/07/16

Speculative Studios

Solo Exhibition – BasementArtsProject, Leeds 10/06/16 – 20/06/16

Perfume as Practice

Festival – Wadsley Festival 2016, Sheffield 04/06/16 – 05/06/16


Group Exhibition – Art Athina, Faliron Pavilion, Athens, Greece 26/05/16 – 29/05/16

Comprised Collaborations

Group Exhibition – Cafe Ollo, Huddersfield Media Centre, Huddersfield 12/05/16 – 07/09/16

This exhibition invited artists to respond to the theme ‘Comprised Collaborations.’ I used the exhibition as an opportunity to revisit Speculative Studio Spaces – an investigative project about re-imaging another artists’ studio space based on an their creative output.

Perfume Making Scent Trail for BCRT

Scent Trail – The Tetley, Leeds 07/05/16

Working alongside the Bone Cancer Research Trust’s 10th Anniversary I created a scent trail of 10 fragrances, each describing individual stories of  bone cancer patients. I considered the methods of coping with bone cancer, alongside the positivity, courage, compassion and strength that emerges when faced with such adversity. 1 fragrance that more widely represented bone cancer was also created and added to the other 10 fragrances – creating a common thread.

 The Beast Within

Group Exhibition – Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield 29/04/16 – 08/05/16

Exchange Place Artists held an exhibition at Exchange Place Studios in parallel to OpenUp Sheffield. The exhibition invited artists to respond to the theme ‘The Beast Within.’ I used the exhibition to create a scented narrative around the themes of knowledge and human endeavor.

Perfume as Practice SS16

Solo Exhibition – Bank Street Arts, Sheffield 02/03/16 – 18/03/16

Perfume as Practice at Bank Street Arts was my first solo exhibition dedicated to the activity of creating perfume portraits. 25 perfume portraits were on display in an exhibition which insisted upon the viability of scent and perfumery as a viable means of communication.

Postcards from SOUP

Group Exhibition – Road Gallery, Liverpool 04/03/16 – 06/03/16

Postcards from SOUP was an exhibition consisting of small scale work at Road Studios, Liverpool. I used the opportunity to create work which acted as an appendage to my Perfume-based activities that were happening in Sheffield at the same time.

Patterns in Poetry

Group Exhibition – Unity Theatre, Liverpool 13/01/16 – 13/02/16

Patterns in Poetry included 7 artists, each working or living in Liverpool, each responding to the theme of ‘Patterns in Poetry.’ I used this exhibition to return to the creative action of extracting poetry from video game code.


Group Exhibition – Access Space, Sheffield 13/11/15 – 18/12/15

Rounding off 2015 with another exhibition at Access Space, 20×20 gave me an opportunity to try making a fragrance wheel out of wood and string. This scented offering of floral, woody, oriental and fresh tones is displayed neatly within a 20×20″ frame.

Derby Makers Faire

Stall – Silk Mill, Derby 24/10/15

Holding a stall at Derby Makers Faire gave me one of my first opportunities to engage with a wide audience about my project ‘Perfume as Practice’. Participants also had the opportunity to make a ‘Scent Stick’ to take home.

Speculative Studio Spaces

Solo Exhibition – Access Space, Sheffield 18/09/15 – 22/10/15

My second Speculative Studio Spaces exhibition, held at Access Space, Sheffield, took an exhibition piece by Halifax-based artist Jo Brown then used that information to speculate upon how her studio space looks – formally constructing all creative processes, personal touches and ways in which she could have arrived at her exhibition piece.


Group Exhibition – Arena Gallery, Liverpool 08/08/15 – 09/08/15

A fun and informal two-day exhibition held by SOUP Collective at Arena Studios & Gallery, Liverpool. With the theme of the show simply being that the work had to be A6 in size, I took the opportunity to revisit turning video games into poetry – this time by altering gaming code.

Tate Summer Show

Group Exhibition – Crypt Gallery, London 19/07/15 – 25/07/15

My scented painting ‘Brain in a Bottle’ formed part of a group exhibition held by Tate Staff in London. The Exhibition, held at Crypt Gallery, London, showcased the work of those working at Tate Modern and Tate Liverpool, offering a diverse look at the range of disciplines, styles and creative concerns of Tate Staff.


Group exhibition, self-curated – Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield 19/06/15 – 10/07/15

An exhibition about change in an area of Sheffield undergoing a major change process, FLUX is a group exhibition by SOUP Collective and Exchange Place Artists. Devised and curated by myself with the support of the artists involved, FLUX showcases 17 artists’ response to the theme of flux -from the documentation of flow and movement to the connotations associated with change.

Wadsley Art Festival

Group exhibition – Sheffield 12/06/15 – 14/06/15

My painting ‘Brain in a Bottle’ was shown at Wadsley Art Festival. The festival is an annual event bringing all aspects of arts, performance and family fun to the centre of the village of Wadsley, Sheffield. (Images taken from the Wadsley Arts Festival Facebook Page)


Group exhibition as part of SOUP – Tate Liverpool 15/05/15

Members of SOUP Collective designed an arts trail at Tate Liverpool for LightNight. My contribution acted as an extension of my research into how perfumery can be concieved as a type of portraiture.

Perfume as Practice @ Bank Street Arts

Exhibition as part of Open Up Sheffield  02/05/15 – 10/05/15

Open Up Sheffield provided me with an opportunity to showcase how ‘Perfume as Practice’ – my research based residency at Bank Street Arts – was progressing and how other artists can get involved.

Open Art

Group exhibition – ArtMobile, Västerås, Sweden 24/04/15 – 27/04/15

‘Open Art’ was a group exhibition by SCI and Art Mobile. Artists from around the UK and Sweden were offered the opportunity to exhibit. I used the opportunity to extend my perfume-based exploits, focusing on the role perfume can assume when we travel to somewhere new.

‘Delicious’ Brought together artists from various disciplines whose work was considered in some way ‘delicious’. I displayed ten jars of paint made from chocolate, the premise being that a jar of paint could be considered art in itself.



Choosing Choices

Solo pop-up exhibition – Exchange Place, Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield. 21/11/14 – 22/11/14

‘Choosing Choices’ provided me with an opportunity to trial new work and concepts around the theme of identity in relation to the creative process. It acts as a precursor to a new body of work that looks at how to construct identities via the assembling of speculative studio spaces.



PLAY! – Video Games within Fine Art

Group exhibition devised and curated by myself and Sharon Mossbeck – Access Space, Sheffield. 03/10/14 – 31/10/14

PLAY! represents 14 artists; each of them highlighting how the experience of video games can be extended into the physical world, with the capacity to express thoughts; act as metaphor; communicate abstract concepts and allow for personal reflection. PLAY! illustrates how video games are able to be removed from their original context and assessed within a different space.



Workshop – Making Paints from Food

Workshop hosted by myself and held at Bessemer II Gallery, Sheffield. 10/09/14

My paint making workshop gave participants the opportunity to make paint from food, exploring the possibilities of paint and developing an affinity with the medium which can be applied to their practice.  It gave me the opportunity to forge relationships with other artists by sharing knowledge and discussing potential for collaboration.



Sweet Tooth – Exploring Food in Art

Group exhibition devised and curated by myself – Funky Aardvark Gallery, Chester. 05/09/14 – 17/09/14

‘Sweet Tooth’ brings artists utilising food in their practice together into one cohesive exhibition. The sheer variety of work on display exemplifies the vast capacity food has to intrigue, inform, challenge and disrupt within a fine art context. This exhibition was devised and curated by myself.



 This is Not My Beautiful House

Group Exhibition as part of Soup Collective – Tate Liverpool. 01/09/14 – 15/09/14

The connotations and associations connected to Leviathan returned to Liverpool for ‘This is Not My Beautiful House’ – a group exhibition at Tate Liverpool which encouraged artists to respond to the title of the exhibition: Incorporating the the notions of a sense of place and identity.



 Colonize Revisited

Group Exhibition as part of SCIBase – Arena Gallery, Liverpool. 10/07/14 – 20/07/14

‘Colonize Revisited’ sees a second exhibition from SCIBase that is around the theme of colonisation. In a departure from the work I exhibited at New York – I sought a fresh approach to the theme, concentrating instead on a collaboration with artist Sharon Mossbeck that attempts to visualise the sea serpent, Leviathan, based on speculative and anecdotal evidence. The work concludes that Leviathan is in fact a concept that resides in all of us.



 Far Lands: Video Game Landscapes

Open-Call exhibition conducted as part of Third Person View. Millennium Galleries, Sheffield. 28 & 29/06/14

A departure from food-based endeavors, ‘Far Lands’ sought to reveal artists whose practice is informed or inspired by video games, with specific reference to video game landscapes. The call was met to a very high standard, with over 20 artists responding to the call in varied and innovative ways. My job, aside from administrative duties, was to help ensure the strongest artists were chosen. I also co-curated the exhibition itself




Group exhibition as part of SCIBase, 3rd on 3rd gallery, Jamestown, NY. 04/04/14 – 24/04/14

‘COLONIZE’ saw over 20 international artists travel to Jamestown, New York, to present contemporary work based on the theme of colonisation. My approach to this theme was to source 16 foods from the local area and allow them to become one cohesive unit of work: epitomising the idea that items of different culinary origins can unify and transcend their definitions to become one coherent and identifiable whole.



 ‘Shelf Life’ – Exploring Food in Art

Solo Exhibition at Gage Gallery, Kelham Island Sheffield. 28/02/14 – 12/03/14

‘Shelf Life’ questions the role of food in art. This includes questioning our perception of value, re-imagining the genre of still life, an enquiry into how emotion can be attached to disposable produce, and a documentation of the trials of trying to render the invisible sensations of taste and smell visible.

This exhibition intended to develop a clearer understanding the audiences own thoughts towards the nature and properties of food, and provided a place for which such thoughts could coalesce and crystallise.



 Paint Making Workshop

Workshop held at Cupola Gallery. 01/09/13

A chief example of one of my paint making workshops, which give the participants an opportunity to create paints out of food, highlighting a new way to think about paint and allowing participants to develop an affinity with raw medium.



 Material as Practice

Solo exhibition at Forum Cafe, Sheffield. 12/08/13 – 31/10/13

‘Material as Practice’ contained 23 photographs of the paints I make, stored in jars. It allowed an audience to think differently about the process of making, and created a discourse between the subject of food in art and the environment of a cafe.