playing with perfume | speculating on studio spaces | investigating creative processes


What is a Michael Borkowsky?

Well, he looks like this. Sometimes his hair is more angular, sometimes he is donning spectacles in a vain attempt to look vaguely intellectual, and sometimes he is sporting an entirely accidental beard.

So, what does he do?

He likes to consider himself a contemporary artist and can often be spotted messing about in his studio space. Having graduated with an M.A in Fine Art from Glyndwr University and relocated to Sheffield, Michael is now and forever on the lookout for opportunities and collaborations. 

Mostly, he speculates upon a world where scent is our primary means of communication. In what capacity would art, and artists, exist, if that were the case? And how does such an investigation inform our own reality? He also plays with the notion of the ‘studio space’, investigating it’s place within an artists’ creative process and how the sense of ownership and identity contained within such a personal space is altered when placed within a public realm. 

He cites using creative action to provide alternatives to preconceptions is a powerful tool that can instigate change; contribute to knowledge and understanding; and provide new avenues for thinking which can bring people together. Well, that’s what he thinks anyway. 

And what has he been up to? 

Well, just for you, here is Michael’s CV:

Current Projects

2015 – Present: ‘Perfume as Practice’

2014 – Present: ‘Speculative Studios’

Solo Exhibitions

22nd November – 3rd December 2016: Perfume as Practice – Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

10th-20th June 2016: Speculative Studios – BasementArtsProject, Leeds

7th May 2016: Perfume Portraits – Bone Cancer Stories – The Tetley, Leeds

2nd – 18th March 2016: Perfume as Practice – Bank Street Arts, Sheffield

18th September – 22nd October 2015: Speculative Studio Spaces – Access Space, Sheffield

21st – 22nd November 2014: Choosing Choices – Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield

1st – 12th March 2014: Shelf Life – Exploring Food In Art – KIAC, Sheffield

12th August – 31st October  2013: Material as Practice – Forum Cafe, Sheffield

Self Devised Group Exhibitions

3rd -31 March 2017: FUSE #3 – Access Space, Sheffield

9th – 18th February 2017: The Court of Love – Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield

23rd November – 8th December 2016: Sun and Moon – Mugen Tea House, Sheffield

7th – 23rd October 2016: FUSE #2– The Holt, Sheffield

18th – 26th August 2016: Unity – Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield

19th June – 10th July 2015: Flux – Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield

3rd – 31st October 2014: PLAY! – Art & Video Games – Access Space, Sheffield

5th – 17th September 2014: Sweet Tooth – Funky Aardvark, Chester

28th – 29th June 2014: Far Lands: Video Game landscapes – Millennium Galleries, Sheffield

Selected Other Group Exhibitions

18th – 25th July 2017: Here and Now – ASC Studios, London

20th – 25th May 2017: Coded – Platforms Project, Cultural Centre, Athens, Greece 

21st October – 4th November 2016: Curious Cabinets – Exchange Place Studios, Sheffield

3rd – 18th September 2016: RELICS – Tate Liverpool

26th – 29th May 2016: FUSE – Art Athina, Faliron Pavilion, Athens, Greece

12th May – 7th September 2016: Comprised Collaborations – Media Centre, Huddersfield

13th January – 13th February 2016: Patterns & Poetry – Unity Theatre, Liverpool

19th – 25th July 2015: Tate Summer Show – The Crypt Gallery, St Pancras, London

24th – 25th April 2015: Travel Perfume – ArtMobile, Västerås, Sweden

10th – 20th July 2014: ‘COLONIZE Revisited’ – Arena Gallery – Liverpool

4th – 24th April 2014: Colonize – 3rd on 3rd Gallery, Jamestown, New York

3rd – 30th November 2012: Cyfuno – A Sense Of Place, Wrexham


2008 – 2012: MA Fine Art – Glyndwr University, Wrexham

2004 – 2007: BA Fine Art – Chester University

Arts-related Employment:

December 2009 – Present: Visitor Assistant – Tate Liverpool

March 2015: Guest Lecturer (Social networking in Creative Practice) – Glyndwr University

October 2014: Guest Lecturer (Social networking in Creative Practice) – Chester University

August – October 2013: Commissions Intern – Art Sheffield Festival

July 2009 – March 2013: Gallery and Administration Assistant – Oriel Wrecsam

August 2009: Guest Lecturer (British Fine Art History) – Charterhouse School