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Perfume Portrait #115 – Robert Verrill

Robert Verrill  50ml EDT

Head – Pomegranate

Heart – Black pepper, ginger

Body – Benzoin, myrrh

Description – A provocative and thoughtful fragrance that references Pliny the Elder and his Naturalis Historia, which was critical and challenging of the frivolity of perfume.


Verrill’s To The World with Love references travel and voyages in several ways. It is made from found materials which themselves speak of travel and journeys: corrugated cardboard from a box that would have carried some consumable product around the world; plastic binding and string which would have bound a box or container or bundle of items in transit. These materials have been on one more voyage of transformation – the cardboard soaked, perforated and rebound with the plastic binding and string to re-emerge at the destination in the form of a utilitarian, improvised handbag and strap that carries a message of hope around the world for our deliverance from environmental catastrophe.


Verrill’s work and corresponding perfume portrait were exhibited at Centrespace Gallery, Bristol, in October 2019.

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