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Perfume Portrait #33 – Leon Foxwings

Leon Foxwings 50ml EDTp1050491

Head – Petitgrain

Heart – Cypress, Ginger

Body – Cedarwood

Description – A fragrance to remind you who you are, and with a potent humility. Cypress, ginger and petitgrain allude to mental clarity and confidence in your own identity. This is rooted by the crisp tones of cedarwood.

This perfume was created by utilising the artist’s response to the question ‘why do make art?’ It is included in Perfume as Practice AW16 – an exhibition at Bank Street Arts, Sheffield comprising of 14 perfume portraits themed within the woody fragrance family. The exhibition runs from 30th November – 3rd December 2016 and includes an open evening featuring an artist’s talk on 3rd December, 6-8pm at Bank Street Arts itself.



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