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Travel Perfume

In the midst of setting up my crowdfunding and really cracking on with this perfume lark I have neglected to write a blog about an upcoming group exhibition I will be in as part of SCI. The exhibition will be at ArtMobile, Stockholm, from 24th – 26th April.

I will be using the opportunity to extend my perfume-based exploits. Seeking this time to communicate the idea of how we may use perfume as a tool to instigate our sense of identity in relation to our experiences – Travel, for example, offers the chance to reinvent ourselves, but also accommodates the vulnerabilities associated with being out of our comfort zones. This tension is what I wish to express in the work I will take.

These images – deliberately obscure as not to reveal the work before it’s been exhibited – portray the two pieces of work I will be taking. There will be a chance within the exhibition to talk about the work to an audience. I am looking forward to this, as it will be very valuable to receive feedback for Perfume as Practice to an entirely new audience. I hope they like it!

Here is further news about the exhibition:

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