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Things Are Finally Starting to Happen!

in January, armed with a multitude of ideas and a copious supply of acrylic paint, I moved to Sheffield. Seven months later, and I can say with some authority that it is the best thing I ever did. Indeed, a word of advice to emerging artists struggling to find a voice in their current environment – move. If you move, everything is instantly brand new, exciting and engaging. You are removed from the confines and comfort of your previous situation and develop professionally as you network, negotiate and engage with new people and unfamiliar territories. Best of all, you will arrive to your new environment with no preconceptions, allowing you to re-invent yourself, start afresh or allow a wider audience to regard your practice.

After the initial process of finding my feet, getting a job and initiating my artistic practice in a new place, I began to get more noticed. Email correspondence with artists and galleries is now commonplace and I have even been able to negotiate an exhibition of my work, along with two workshop classes – which will give people the opportunity to make paints of their own.

So, I thought I’d share with you further details of my forthcoming exhibition and my workshops, which you can become involved in:

  • Paint Making Workshop – Cupola Gallery – 1st September 2013

Giving people the opportunity to create their own paints out of food and to understand the processes of producing paint from scratch. This is a one day workshop, from 10 til 3, with an hour break for a lunch which will be provided. There are 8 places available costing £35. I believe two places are already taken, so you’ll have to be quick! more details can be found at

  • Paint Making Workshop – Bank Street Arts – 28th September 2013

Giving people the opportunity to create their own paints out of food and to understand the processes of producing paint from scratch. This is an all day workshop and there are 8 places available costing £30. Lunch will not be provided for this one, alas! If you wish to book a place, then please contact me on or call 07792971646.

  • Exhibition – ‘Material as Practice – Creating Paint From Food’ – Forum Cafe Bar – 12th August til 23rd September. 

My exhibition at Forum Cafe Bar, Sheffield, will contain over 20 photographs of the paints I create. You can find more information here: I am also hosting a launch night for this event. Details of which can be found at

So, there we are, I hope there is something about my forthcoming activities that interests you, or at the very least, doesn’t bore you to death. And, if you’re in the Sheffield area in August or September, why not come and see the things I’m up to for yourself?

2 responses

  1. Hi Micheal
    Hope you don’t mind, but I’ve nominated you for a Best moment award. Please do not feel pressured to accept or act on this, it takes time, and some thought, but I believe you deserve it for the moments your blog has given me. Here’s a link to my acceptance post, which explains the rules as well.

    Congratulations and many thanks

    July 9, 2013 at 11:19 am

    • Hi John.

      Thanks very much for this! I’ll certainly give it more of a look and some thought when I get time, because it’s a nice idea.

      Thanks again! 🙂

      July 9, 2013 at 3:05 pm

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